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Please read the following instructions carefully
as they apply to all eight rounds.
  • There WILL BE NO Series membership fee for 2007 To be eligible for series year end points/trophies you must race a minimum of 5 races.
    There will be NO dropped race for this year's series.
  • Each race event is $35.00 per class and $50.00 for semi-pro The four-stroke class has been retired and replaced with the open (all displacement) class
  • Series Riding Numbers: Numbers are issued on a first-come, first-served basis. Riders are not assigned numbers,
    they run what numbers they wish, unless a rider has previously entered a series event with
    that same number. You must run the same number during the entire series. Points and number 1 plates:
    Points will be earned based on the AMA rulebook.
    A number one plates will be issued to the top finisher in the following divisions:
    Pee-wee 4-6 and 7-9; 65cc 0-8 and 9-11; 85cc; supermini; schoolboy 12-15 (125cc only);
    125cc; 250cc; open; vet (30+); senior (40+); senior (50+); schoolgirl; women.
    Three riders are required to qualify a division. Plates are not handed out to each ability level,
    but series trophies will be presented to the top finishers in each ability level. AMA Amateur
    Rulebook to be followed, and AMA membership is required. Gate Times: The gates to the pits are typically open until 10:00 pm Friday night, and from 6:00 am until 9:00 pm Saturday and Sunday, some may vary. Gate Fees: Gate fees vary at each facility. Practice: 8am Racing: 9am Parking: Please follow all parking rules at each facility and do not block any emergency access areas you may be cited or towed. Sign Up:
  • Sign up opens 6 am
  • After you establish your pit area, you must complete the sign-up process prior to the first scheduled practice. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Note: Riders are responsible for incorrect entry applications. If you circle the wrong skill level, event, engine size, or forget to list your AMA number this may result in you not being scored. Please ask for help.
  • All riders must present their AMA card at sign up. Use of shared AMA cards will result in mandatory disqualification. THE COMPUTER KNOWS!!!
  • Minors must have a parent or legal guardian with a NOTARIZED RELEASE present to complete the sign-up process. This is an AMA rule. 2004 Southern California AMA Championship Motocross Series Frequently Asked Questions Why: Why have an AMA Amateur motocross series in Southern California? Lots of reasons. This is a very large market that had needed this series for many years. This series will make it easier for top amateur riders to showcase their talents, attract sponsors, and move towards the National level. 2005 marks the 7th year of our series. Who: Who are we? We are a group of AMA clubs, most of which who have been involved in the sport and hosting different types of amateur racing events for many years. We have held motocross, grand prix, dirt track scrambles, desert races, and enduros - some going all the way back to the late 1940’s. In 1998, when the AMA asked us to put this series together, we saw a golden opportunity to do something positive for the sport and make things better for the young riders who are trying to work their way to the top. Your participation will help make that happen! Sponsors: We are seeking a new Series Title Sponsor to help defray expenses. Companies interested in series sponsorship may call our series president, Darrin Livingston, at 661-729-6300. Seniors: For 2003, we brought back the Senior 50+ division! Due to increased popularity and participation at this level, we feel there are enough riders to justify having a division for riders who are 50 years of age or older. Junior Vets: Junior Vet 25+ has been dropped as a series points paying division due to non-participation, but will continue as an event class. At the track, some riders like to use this class as a ‘practice class’. Other Classes: We have a competition motorcycle class for almost everyone, including those who are just riding for fun, and we hope to see everyone at the races!
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