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Best of the West: Three (3) of the eight (8) So Cal MX events also offer points paying classes for Best of the West riders. This is the AMA District 37 (hereinafter referred to as ‘D37’) Best of the West Series (hereinafter referred to as ‘BoW’) information.

Rider Info: The following information is provided in an effort to answer question that BoW riders might have with respect to the three BoW motocross events.

1. So Cal MX is an AMA series, and current AMA membership is required for all entries. AMA sign-up is available at most events.

2. D37 membership is not required at motocross events. BoW riders, by definition, are already in possession of at least one D37 competition card, and thus members of D37.

3. At BoW motocross events, BoW classes will pay BoW points only. No points will be paid to other D37 divisions (Desert, Enduro, or GP).

4. Same skill level. It is common practice for a Desert Intermediate to ride a motocross event as a Novice. However, with respect to earning BoW points, riders will be required to compete in the their same skill level classification at all BoW events, including motocross. For example, a Desert 250 Intermediate rider would be required to compete in the 250 Intermediate class at motocross events that pay BoW points. Riders still have the option of stepping down one skill level at motocross events, but they will then not be eligible for BoW points. Riders are expected to compete in the same skill level classification in both series, but this is not a requirement.

5. Gates. So as to address the issue of D37 membership being required for any moto that pays D37 points, the BoW motos will run separately. What that means is that a given moto will have either all BoW riders in it, or none at all. BoW classes will be grouped together for purpose of setting gates, after which each BoW class will be scored as it should be.

This rule has an added bonus. So Cal MX class structures are slightly different than D37 BoW class structures. For example, the So Cal MX ‘250 class’ is not really a 250cc class, it is the ‘250 / 450F’ class. There is no conflict because in a given day of racing at a So Cal MX BoW event, the two series are not on the track at the same time.

Every moto is for either So Cal MX series points or D37 BoW series points, but never both. Riders who are racing a given class in both series will be riding four (4) motos per event instead of the usual two. This is encouraged, and a few riders have already indicated that they will do this.

6. Event entry forms. BoW riders to use standard D37 event entry form at all motocross events. All other riders to use standard So Cal MX event entry form at all motocross events. Riders who are racing a given class in both series will complete one of each.

7. Entry fee. Standard entry fee per class at all So Cal MX and So Cal MX BoW events is $35. Semi-pro class, if offered, slightly more. With respect to BoW event entry, this amount includes the $5 for D37 Legal Defense Fund.

8. Gate fee. The gate fee for entering the track facility for a given event is set by and collected by the track operator – this is part of how they are able to stay open. This amount is separate from event entry fee.

9. Free entry. D37 Number One plate holders receive free event entry at D37 races, and So Cal MX BoW events will honor one of these. The current overall Number One Best of the West plate holder will receive free entry for one BoW class. (Said rider still has to pay the $5 for Legal Defense Fund.)

10. Rulebook. All So Cal MX events are run per AMA rulebook. At So Cal MX BoW events, BoW motos are to be run per D37 rulebook.

In the event of a protest or a request for rule clarification with respect to a BoW moto or class, the event referee should be consulted, and also the D37 BoW steward if he is present. If a resolution is still needed, questions or disputes should be directed to the D37 referee. District 37 Competition Committee has final word.

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