Excellent motorcross is about blocking our the distractions and transcending the terrain

Obtain a miniature or, ideally, a full score of the work to be conducted as early as you can, preferably the copy that you will eventually use for performance. A close liaison with a reliable music shop as well as the local library is essential. Markings on a score may be the composer’s own instructions or they may be editorial: the lat- ter particularly applies to Baroque and Classical scores. Try to get an Urtext score and parts, i.e. one which distinguishes editorial additions from the composer’s origi- nal text. Conventions of layout of orchestral and choral music have varied greatly over the the course of many years. The first page of a full score (not necessarily in a miniature score) should list all the instruments required for a complete performance. Occasionally not all appear here, especially if an instrument is only employed in a later movement of the work

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